The Clan App

Africa’s latest, biggest and most powerful social networking application.

The ClanApp is a social networking app that is envisioned at connecting individuals from different location around the globe to opportunities around them without having a physical connection with anybody before getting the information.
The Clan App is a project from the ICT Department of The Clan System. This social networking application will be providing solutions to some problems in our contemporary society through it’s forums.

There are four forums currently being hosted by the ClanApp: Idea Trading, Employer-Employee, Enterprise/Agent and Rumour forums

Idea Trading Forum

This is a platform for people with creative, innovative and inventive ideas that can evidently solve the problems of many African nations but lack the resources, connections and environment to show the world what they have to offer.

The platform is set for the likes of a music artiste with an interesting album but without sponsor, director or producer to help them; a young and promising footballer who has not been identified and has no connection with any football club; a street beggar who has exceptional abilities and creativity, perhaps another who could invent a locomotive gadget, also the scientists who have cure for cancer, rheumatism or other sicknesses but no one is recognizing them; the young entrepreneurs with great business idea but handicapped with limited financial resources. The Idea Trading Forum is a platform that will give an advantage to all these by connecting them with sponsors and investors who are already waiting for them all across Africa to support their brilliant ideas.

This forum will enable people to sell their impeccable and problem solving ideas under strict security and in turn be duly compensated and rewarded.

Employer-Employee Forum

This Forum provides a platform to give and receive any type of service from any location you need it or any location you find yourself. For instance, if you have a punctured Tyre and you need a Vulcanizer or a mechanic, you can order for such service and in no time, one of the mechanics within your immediate location will contact you. You may need the service of a plumber or an electrician or any other artisan within your identified location and within the twinkling of an eye, such service provider nearest to you will be reachable.

Apart from these tremendous functions, the Employer-Employee Forum in the ClanApp will also accommodate corporate employers of labour from different locations within and outside Africa with different job descriptions for any qualified prospective employee to find vacancies.
In many African nations, employers of labour find it uneasy and costly reaching out to competent employees within their immediate environment and even beyond. Many of these institutions use blogs, newspapers, and posters to advertise their vacancies. With, The Clan App, advertisement of job vacancies becomes very convenient and more effective.

The employers are users who are registered and recognized on the forum. Every time there is a job vacancy, the forum is providing the platform to connect with prospective employees within the location or beyond.

Enterprise/Agent Forum

This Forum is a platform for Agents and Clients. It is for real estate management agents, it is for car dealers and traveling agencies, it is for architects with new and mouth watering designs. All you need to do as a user is to upload and showcase your services, designs and properties to the forum for clients to make contact.

This forum will facilitate a more developed means of marketing in the real estate sector, for car dealers, travel agencies, and others such that individuals who are are prospective clients in any location around Africa will no longer be limited because of their inability to contact agents in their locations of interest.

Rumour/Broadcast/Amebo Forum

The rumour/broadcast forum is the social media platform on the Clan App. It allows posts by any user featuring pictures, music, videos, skits, jokes, etc.
This forum makes it possible for everybody around the country or continent to post news from their locality individually. The rumour forum gives you an opportunity to share news that will reach anybody interested in what is going on in your locality. The rumour forum is also interesting in that you can share events and important occasions happening in your state, area or locality.

We need to understand that our world is changing. The world is moving and progressing, and there will be new things coming out of Africa just as the Clan App is one of such.
There are new inventions all around that are happening within Africa and Nigeria, but people won't really get to know on time, despite how much benefits they could derive. The media of our day may not immediately get informed of these recent and fresh inventions but the rumour forum will be there to trend such news.

No more will people miss out on important information or events because they are not updated, the rumour forum will allow news from anywhere, from anyone to go viral.
With ClanApp, you do not need to build friendships or followers before you reach millions of people within your choice location.

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