Building a Nation Within Nations, a Continent Within Continents and a World Within the Globe.

Our aim is to develop the next generation of world class African entrepreneurs and innovators.

The Clan System in Three Words

The Clan System is a system, a hub and and an ark.

A System

We put together several arms of operation with coordinated activities and well defined goals to bring lasting solution to the challenges of Africa and Africans.

A Hub

While hosting many institutions in different sectors, we hold everything inventive, innovative and creative with very high regards. We ensure adequate facilities along with conducive developing and operatinv

An Ark

We look beyond the past and present, envisaging the future and developing solutions to counter present and possible future challenges in Africa.

We Believe In Africa

Africa as we speak, is ripe for exploration. There is so much in Africa that the world has not seen and it is time for Africa to showcase to the world a level of civilization that has not been seen before. The next generation of innovations, inventions and creativity that is going to shift our Globe into another stage of human living is going to be evolving out of Africa and it’s such a great privilege that you and I along with many other people around Africa will be pioneering this revolution.

The Clan App

Africa's latest, biggest and most powerful social networking application.
The ClanApp is a social networking app that is envisioned at connecting individuals from different location around the globe to opportunities around them without having a physical connection with anybody before getting the information.
The Clan App is a project from the ICT Department of The Clan System. This social networking application will be providing solutions to some problems in our contemporary society through it’s forums.

Features of the Clan App


Idea Trading Forum

This is a platform for people with creative, innovative and inventive ideas that can evidently solve the problems of many African nations but lack the resources, connections and environment to show the world what they have to offer. The Idea Trading Forum is a platform that will give an advantage to all these by connecting them with sponsors and investors who are already waiting for them all across Africa to support their brilliant ideas.

Employer - Employee Forum

This Forum provides a platform to give and receive any type of service from any location you need it or any location you find yourself. It will also accommodate corporate employers of labour from different locations within and outside Africa with different job descriptions for any qualified prospective employee to find vacancies. With The Clan App, advertisement of job vacancies becomes very convenient and more effective.

Enterprise Forum

This Forum is a platform for Agents and Clients. It is for real estate management agents, it is for car dealers and traveling agencies, it is for architects with new and mouth watering designs. All you need to do as a user is to upload and showcase your services, designs and properties to the forum for clients to make contact. This forum will facilitate a more developed means of marketing in the real estate sector.

Rumour Forum

The broadcast/rumour forum is the social media platform on the Clan App. It allows users to post stories, pictures, music, videos, skits, jokes and news around them as rumours. No more will people miss out on important information or events because they are not updated, the rumour forum will allow news from anywhere, from anyone to go viral without needing to build friendships or followers before reaching millions of people within the set location.

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